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Time to share some Fall recipes! Homemade chocolate chip cookies have my whole heart. But when October hits and the weather starts to cool down, something clicks inside me and suddenly…ALL things must be pumpkin!! Can you relate? Here are some of my favorite pumpkin recipes: First is a delicious and easy pumpkin chocolate chip […]

Oh, boy. It’s pumpkin season!! I don’t know if you like pumpkin, and fall spices, and all the yummy fall foods, but I sure do! Here are three of my favorite recipes for this season. Why don’t I eat these all year?? I ask myself this every November. And every time I tell myself I […]

It’s back to school time again!! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Time to make lunches. And after school snacks. If you are like me, you may tend to get into a rut when it comes to making lunches day in and day out, 5 days a week, for 7 people, for 9 months of school. […]

I feel like I have been failing at the whole nutritious breakfast thing lately. It’s summer, it’s hot, we stay up too late and get up too late. I don’t want to be cooking in the morning and feel bad serving cold cereal every day. What to do? Ever been in this predicament? Pinterest to […]