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Local Newborn Photographer

Moms of girls, I get it. I offer so much understanding when it comes to having a house full of girls! Having four in a row myself, I can relate and stand united with you! Don’t get me wrong, I love my little boys just as much as my gals. But I remember telling my husband that I’m pretty sure it was my fault we were blessed with so many little ladies. I am a such a girly girl myself, and LOVE doing little girls hair, dressing them up, playing tea parties and dolls and all the girly things with them.

If you come to the studio with your family of girls, know we are in the same club. I’m rooting for you!

Newborn baby girl swaddled in a white blanket. Photographed in a studio with a white backdrop, by award winning photographer Sally Whetten. Big sister kissing top of baby sister's head. Photographed in a white studio by Sally Whetten. Newborn baby girl smiling while holding a tiny teddy bear. Baby girl is laying on a white blanket wrapped in a white swaddle. Mom wearing a white dress holding her baby girl and looking into her face. Photographed in white studio by Sally Whetten Photography. New mom snuggling newborn baby daughter close to her face. Baby girl is in a white blanket and mom is wearing a white dress. Newborn baby girl wearing a white flower headband. She is hugging a little teddy bear. Photographed on a white backdrop in a studio. Mother getting a kiss from her older daughter. Mom snuggling new baby girl while getting hug from older sister. In a white studio. Mom wearing a white dress holding her newborn baby girl. Baby girl is in a white blanket. The background is pure white and glowing. Close up of newborn baby girl profile. Photographed on a white backdrop in a studio. Newborn baby girl laying in white blanket. Wearing white flower and leaf headband. Awake baby photographed by Sally Whetten. Newborn baby girl in white blanket. Laying on white moon prop, photographed in a studio in Mesa, AZ by Sally Whetten Photography.


Sally Whetten Photography specializes in newborn, maternitymotherhood, family, and baby sessions in the Mesa area, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, San Tan and Queen Creek.

I am so happy you are here and would love to tell you more about a newborn photography session.  From wardrobe to props and headbands, we’ve thought through every detail, making the entire experience enjoyable.  If you are interested in a custom portrait session with Sally Whetten Photography and would like more information, please click here to contact Sally.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, receive detailed information, or reserve your date, please click the contact button above or email me directly at sally@sallywhettenphotography.com

Sessions are limited in 2020 and booking into 2021.
To ensure availability, please reserve your date early.

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