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My 10 Favorite 2019 Photos Of Phoenix Newborn Photographer OK, that might be a little bit of a stretch. These ARE 10 of my favorite pictures of 2019. But the truth is, I couldn’t choose just 10 even if you told me all the chocolate was going to disappear from the world if I didn’t. […]

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Packing a diaper bag may seem like a simple thing. Until you start packing one and end up trying to stuff the kitchen sink into that stylish diaper bag. It looked so roomy and then, BAM. It’s full and you still have a pile of stuff you want to put in there. There are some […]

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Dressing for an in-studio session is different than dressing for an outdoor photo session.   It’s actually easier! Here are my top five tips on how to dress for your in-studio newborn session. Tip #1 – Keep it simple. The focus of these sessions is the connection with your loved ones. Simple clothing keeps that […]

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What do you have left from your wedding? You may be wondering what this question has to do with newborn photography, but stay with me. Do you have the cake? The flowers? The dress? Maybe. The decorations? The food? The DJ? Most likely not. What about the photos? Your newborn photos are how you captured […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Newborn Session You’ve seen newborn photos on Instagram and in magazines, and maybe even thought about getting some for yourself. But do you really know what having newborn portraits of your own baby might do for you? Let’s talk about it. For a few minutes, forget everything else. […]

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I was talking to my daughter earlier today and she said she was really surprised that the best age for newborn photos is 5-10 days old. She figured that “newborn” meant a month or two old. As an AZ newborn baby photographer, I think I take for granted that everyone knows when I say “newborn” […]

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What makes you go awwww? How about puppies? Or any baby animal, for that matter. Not that I’m calling newborn babies “baby animals”, but a squishy, soft, sweet new baby is DEFINITELY an image that draws an “AWWWWWW!!!” out of most anyone. Don’t those big, bright eyes just draw you in? And his sweet little […]

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I am so excited to share this newborn session with you! As a baby photographer in AZ, I get to see many, many precious newborn babies. And I love sharing their stories. But this little guy’s story had to wait. He was a foster child when we took his newborn pictures, so none of his […]

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Oh, Dennis. Have you ever wished you had the skin of a baby again? That baby soft, smooth, gorgeous skin? Well, I do all the time but especially after this little guy. It’s not every day I get such a dark skinned beauty in the studio! As a Mesa Newborn Photographer, I feel like the […]

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East Mesa Fresh 48 Photographer Sally Whetten Photography welcomes  baby Haven! As you can see, Haven is VERY well loved by her new family! They couldn’t wait to meet her and are completely smitten by her.   This sweet little gal just wanted to nurse and be attached to mama for most of the day. […]