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Want to see some adorable Mesa Newborn Photography? Let me introduce you to newborn Emmett, 4 days old:

sweet baby boy sleeping on his tummy for Mesa Baby Photography

Can you handle those squishy little cheeks, and the back rolls?? I just want to squish and snuggle him all day!

Emmet’s mom is from California and his dad is from Iowa. They both moved here in high school and met in college at ASU. I think it is so fun to hear how couples that come to my studio meet! Mom buys property for Valley Metro, dad is an ER doctor at Banner Estrella.

mom laying on her back snuggling baby boy by her face on a white fur rug

Little Emmett decided his due date was too soon for him. He was a week late and had to be induced. Labor took almost 24 hours, but thankfully pushing time wasn’t that long. Momma had an epidural that, luckily, worked well. They brought a special personalized quilt to use during their session. I love how simple and beautiful it is! You can find personalized baby quilts on Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids, or Etsy. Mom is wearing a dress from the studio wardrobe. Using the client wardrobe makes getting ready for your session so much easier!

Mesa Baby Photography Newborn laying on white blanket

Emmett was born at a little over 7 pounds! Mom wanted to breastfeed, but Emmett was struggling to latch. I’m sure a lot of you new moms can relate to this! Emmet’s mom is sad to supplement with formula, but it’s better to have a fed baby than to struggle with him losing weight. I’m sure they will find the perfect balance for him!

black and white picture of tiny baby boy in his daddy's hands

Mom and Dad are finding out it is hard to get around with a baby. Now all of you new parents can SURELY relate to this! Haha! It is like moving anytime you leave the house with a baby, am I right? This was the first day they left the house since having baby. Emmet’s mom made me laugh so hard when she said she didn’t feel like going many places while wearing the “party panties” you get from the hospital. I’ve never heard them called that before and it was hilarious!

sleeping newborn boy in a white swaddle blanket

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