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Is it necessary to have a studio in order to produce beautiful maternity and newborn portraits? Of course, the answer is no you don’t. Can you be a professional Mesa AZ Baby Photographer without a studio?  Yes, you definitely can. But now that I have one, I don’t know that I ever want to go without!

For the last several years my home studio space has been beautiful, functional, and a haven for my newborn and maternity clients. It really wasn’t until Covid hit, and my kids had to do school from home that I seriously considered a studio outside the home.  It just so happened that this cozy little space came available at just the time I needed it. It took a little bit of renovating but now it is my little space of heaven on earth, and my clients couldn’t be happier, too!

Let’s take a look inside!

I would love to show you around! When you first enter the studio, there is a comfortable seating area, and changing table. This area is stocked with snacks for mom and dad, diapers and wipes for babies, and some toys for siblings.

Entrance room to newborn photo studio with comfy couch

Just around the corner is a storage/dressing room. It’s not the prettiest room in the studio, but very functional. We’ve got a full length mirror and clothing storage, as well as shelving for props.

There’s plenty of space for moms to change and get ready for their session in here, and still be able to keep an eye on baby.

Then we have the shooting area. I had to take out a wall to get this space nice and open, and it was 100% worth it. We’ve got room for families to stand, sit, lounge on the bed, plenty of space for my newborn beanbag and props. You would never be able to tell this space was an office for a tech department. The unsightly vertical blinds have been fashionably covered with Ikea Ritva curtains (my favorite curtains).

lots of headbands for baby girls inside newborn photography studio

The walls have been painted a beautiful bright white. It’s comfortable, smells good, and it’s so nice to hear my clients breathe a sigh of relief when they come into the space. They love being able to relax and know their baby is in good hands!

white studio space with newborn bean bag for baby photography sessions

It’s not huge, but definitely does the job and I couldn’t be happier! Having this space helps me keep work and family a little more separated. And the fact that I can clean it up, leave, and when I come back it looks exactly the way I left it keeps this mama happy.

white futon and white curtains in newborn and maternity studio

If you’re looking for the perfect studio to have your maternity or newborn photos, this is it! And did I mention that it is absolutely perfect for older babies? We can capture your baby’s first year beautifully in this space.

If you are looking for a Mesa AZ Baby Photographer, please fill out my contact form so we can chat about your session!

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