5 Tips For What To Wear To Your Studio Newborn Session


Dressing for an in-studio session is different than dressing for an outdoor photo session.

what to wear for your studio newborn session

It’s actually easier!

Here are my top five tips on how to dress for your in-studio newborn session.

mother in white dress holding her baby in white studio

Tip #1 – Keep it simple. The focus of these sessions is the connection with your loved ones. Simple clothing keeps that focus, and cuts distractions. Solid, light neutrals are the way to go! To make it as easy as possible for you, I built a client wardrobe. New items are consistently being added in multiple sizes. Wearing something from my client closet will save you money, reduce your time getting ready before your session, and allow you to wear a beautiful, light and airy dress that you may not have been able to find on your own! (ALL the dresses in this post are from the client closet)

mom holding twin babies wearing lovely white dress for newborn photo session

Tip #2 – Less is More. You probably wouldn’t wear a basic t-shirt or tank top to your photo session in the forest, right? It’s not great there, but it’s perfect in the studio!

mother laying on white bed wearing white dress with baby girl

Tip #3 – Keep it soft. You are going to be snuggling your baby. Skip the beaded tops and scratchy fabrics. Wear something you would be ok wrapping your baby in. Need some ideas for where to find something to wear? If you don’t want to wear something from the client closet, I suggest checking out the Knox Rose line from Target, and Free People always has some great white dresses.

big sister in pink dress kissing newborn brother on fur rug

Tip #4 – Same rules apply for older siblings. Keep their clothing soft, neutral, and simple. NO logos or busy, bright patterns. Boys can even go without a shirt in some photos. So can dads, for that matter!

young father in white t shirt holding newborn baby

Tip #5 – The little things count. DO pay attention to your nails. Make sure your nails are nicely groomed because they will most likely show in your photos. Skip the bright polish and go with lighter, neutral colors. Or none at all! As for shoes, we most likely will be going barefoot, so you can plan for that. This is not the time for those sparkly stilettos. (we can plan another session for those! 😉

Are you considering a newborn session for YOUR little one? Contact me with any questions – I love to chat!

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