5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Newborn Session


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5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Newborn Session

You’ve seen newborn photos on Instagram and in magazines, and maybe even thought about getting some for yourself. But do you really know what having newborn portraits of your own baby might do for you?

Let’s talk about it. For a few minutes, forget everything else. You are here for a reason. You’re curious and need to know what having a newborn session could mean for you. The truth is, it’s not just for you, but for your spouse, that little newborn baby as they grow up, and even for your other children and grandparents. Here are 5 reasons why you should book a newborn session.

1. You can’t stop time.

You’ve heard people say “They change so fast!” or “I feel like it was just yesterday that my baby was tiny!”. You may be thinking those are just funny expressions (unless you already have kids), but you will never believe “time flies” more than when you have a baby! When your baby is newborn, they literally change DAILY! Every day brings a new look, a new sound, a new skill, and before you know it…your newborn is a month old and everything about them is different! The only way to freeze time is, you guessed it, with a photograph! That’s the real purpose of newborn portraiture – to remember how it felt when they were brand new.

Capture that pure, angelic newborn stage with a newborn photo session like this one, and never experience the regret of not having those precious portraits.

2. They’re cute.

Your baby will be the cutest baby on the planet! Chances are you are going to want to see that sweet little face every day. What do you want to see on your walls when you walk into your home? I’ll bet you can picture places right now that would be perfect for a sweet newborn portrait, or a photo of you and your little family snuggling together. Picture that large canvas over the crib or changing table. A few framed prints here and there. A gorgeous album on the coffee table. Art that is made of the people you love best!

3. Parents are cute, too.

Yes, pictures of your baby is the reason you are having a newborn session. But guess what? YOU are cute, too. Have you ever seen a new parent gaze lovingly at their newborn child? Felt the pure awe and adoration coming from a new mommy or daddy as they snuggle that new baby on their chest? I get to see it at every newborn session! Can you imagine years from now, your child looking through a beautiful album of you holding, snuggling, and loving them? What would you give for pictures like this of your parents with you as a baby?

4. Memories fade.

What did you have for breakfast last Wednesday? Which cute outfit did you wear last Monday? Yes, these things aren’t important to remember. But let me guess – you are tired. Exhausted! Like, to the bone tired because your baby hardly sleeps, you are new to this parenting thing and have no time to yourself. You can hardly catch a shower and lunch, let alone three meals a day! Each day is becoming a blur.

Though you desperately want to remember every little detail of your precious newborn, all of these things combined with the passing of time will see your memories fade. That’s the biggest blessing of a newborn session. Looking through your images will bring back the new baby smell, and how that tiny bundle felt in your arms. You will feel so grateful that though your memory dimmed you have that box of images to look through and bring it all back.

5. The gift that keeps on giving.

Imagine this: Christmas rolls around and you need to find a gift for your parents. They already have EVERYTHING! What can you possibly give them that they would love but can’t just go out and buy for themselves??? Here’s a clue: they want pictures of their grandkids! Photo gifts are the best gifts for grandmas and grandpas. It’s what they always ask for, and never goes out of style. You will be the favorite if you give them a beautiful framed collage of their favorite subjects – their grandbabies.

There are a TON of reasons to have a newborn photo session, these are just 5 of them. Whatever your reason – you can guarantee you won’t regret having professional, beautiful, heirloom portraits of the tiny humans you love the most!

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From one mom to another, I know it’s intimidating to think of leaving the house with that brand new baby. You’re recovering from a major life event! You don’t feel your prettiest when parts of you are soft and squishy that are normally, well, not.

But take it from me, when you see your kids pull out those albums again and again, looking at themselves and seeing how much you loved them, you won’t be worried about the fact that your tummy was soft. (By the way, you will look amazing because I know how to get all the good angles of new moms!! I got your back, mama!)

You may get teary eyed and I’ll bet an “awwwwww!” will escape your lips as those photographs take you back to that new baby in your arms. The smell of baby shampoo will come to you. Memories of cradling your little one for a feeding will return to your thoughts. Your kiddos will feel how important they have always been to you. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on!

I’ve been a newborn photographer for a few years now, and I can honestly say that I feel the memories we preserve with these newborn portraits are irreplaceable!

I hope to see you in front of my camera sometime soon, pretty mama! If you can think of any other reasons to have a newborn session, make sure to comment below. I’d love to hear them all!

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