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Six Month Old Studio Session

Six months old sessions, sometimes called “sitter sessions” are some of my very favorites! Some families like to do these sessions on a timeline, such as when baby is 6 months old. Other families like to have these sessions when baby learns to sit on their own, hence the name “sitter session”. Babies at this age usually aren’t afraid of strangers yet, and love to smile and ham it up for the camera!

What does a six month old studio session look like?

While these sessions can definitely be done outdoors, being in the studio is usually the easiest way to go. The temperature is controlled, there are no bugs, and not a lot of distractions that take your baby’s attention away from the camera. We can pretty much do studio sessions any time of day, because I am in complete control of the lighting. That’s a big plus!

Here at SWP I also provide minimal styling (going along with my minimalist flavor) in the studio. I have some natural wood toys, fur rugs, and outfits that you are welcome to use for your little one!

If you want to bring your own clothing for baby, that’s fine! Some of my favorite places to look are Zara, Nordstrom, even Old Navy and Target can have good finds.

Six month old studio session photographed by Sally Whetten Photography. Six month old baby boy in white diaper cover. Sitting on a white fur rug and smiling.


Here is an example gallery for a six month old studio session

Wonder what kinds of images may be in a sitter session gallery? All of the images in this blog post are from a single six month old studio session. These are a small sample of the images that could be in your gallery!

This cute baby boy used the studio wardrobe (this takes some stress off of moms trying to find outfits!) and props.

If you go with a 30 minute session, we get at least 25 images for your gallery. I love including parents in these sessions, too!

Six month old baby boy sitting by himself on a white fur rug. Looking over his shoulder and smiling.

Six month old baby boy laying on white rug. Wearing a white diaper cover. Looking up at the camera and smiling.

Six month old baby boy in a light blue outfit. On his tummy on a white blanket. Photographed in a white studio by Sally Whetten.

Six month old studio session where baby boy is sitting alone. He is playing with a natural wood train on a white fur blanket.

Six month old baby boy wearing gray knitted overalls. Sitting in a white high chair in front of a bright white curtain. In studio session by photographer Sally Whetten.

Mother holding six month old baby boy up and smiling at him. Photographed in white studio by photographer Sally Whetten Photography.

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