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Sometimes Dads feel like they aren’t as important as mom in the newborn photo session.

But I am here to tell you that is not so! Obviously, this baby wouldn’t be here without both mom AND dad, so at East Mesa Baby Photographer SWP we love including dads in the picture!

East Mesa Baby Photographer, Dark skinned father holding his baby girl and kissing her forehead

For dad.

Some dads may not be quite as sentimental as a mother, but there is something that reinforces a fatherly bond when dad sees that sweet little baby in his big strong hands. I think it’s a great visual for dad to see. It’s almost like it reinforces his position as protector and caregiver of his family.

East Mesa Baby Photographer, Dad in a white shirt holding baby girl in a white swaddle

For mom.

Nothing can tug on a mother’s heart string like seeing the loves of her life together. When mom sees her baby in daddy’s hands, her heart melts! There is something irresistibly sweet about this combination to a mother.

East Mesa Baby Photographer, Hispanic daddy holding his baby girl and kissing her on the cheek

For your child.

When a child is old enough to look at their baby pictures and sees daddy holding them as a tiny baby, this reinforces the concept that they are treasured and loved. This confirmation will only get stronger as your child gets older. And if we look at the fact that this child will likely be around much longer than the parent, this picture will give them something to treasure in the years ahead when they no longer have that parent there in person.

Dad in a white studio holding newborn son with eyes closed

If there is any question left in your mind whether or not dad should be in the pictures, let me clear that up for you and say, “Yes”! Let’s included dad and make him feel as loved and important as he is. I know all you moms out there WANT them in the picture. We might have to do a little convincing with dad, but I’m here to help. (wink, wink)

Not sure what to have dad wear? Here is a link with some ideas for outdoor session outfits: family photos.  Here is a link for studio clothing ideas: studio clothing ideas.

New father holding his newborn son and smiling at him

Are you looking for an East Mesa Baby Photographer? Look no further! Head to my contact page and send me note. Let’s chat and discuss the details of your very own newborn session! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for that baby, so let’s make sure to capture every little thing beautifully for you.

  1. Oh my goodness, all the feels!!! Dads definitely need to be included in a new baby’s photo shoot! These beautiful pictures really prove that too. Just look at all that love, and now these families will have gorgeous photos to remember this precious time!

    • Sally Whetten says:

      Thank you, Michelle! I love that this family has these memories to treasure, too. Such a special time in their life!

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