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I don’t consider myself a pushy person at all. If you are into Enneagram I am the perfect mix of Peacemaker and Helper. But when a mom comes to her session and isn’t sure if she wants to be in the photos, I pull out all my resources as a Phoenix Baby Photographer and try to convince her she definitely should be!

Phoenix Baby Photographer by Sally Whetten Photography mother holding newborn baby giving a big yawn

For dad.

When you come to take a newborn photo, usually you’re only 1 to 2 weeks away from the birth experience. Dads are usually in a state of awe at seeing how their wife just sacrificed so much. It appeals to his sentimental side to see this mother and child together, and get a sense of how much a mother loves her child. That she would go through childbirth and still be so attached to this little baby. For dads, seeing the two loves of his life together in a picture makes daddy‘s heart melt.

Phoenix Baby Photographer by Sally Whetten Photography

For mom.

For a mother who has just gone through possibly an extremely difficult and even traumatic experience to get this child here, seeing an image of herself with her baby reinforces how intensely she love that little one. To see a physical representation of the bond they feel in their heart, does something wonderful for a mother. Another side to this is that moms don’t feel like they look their best a week or two after childbirth. So to see that they do look beautiful with this child is a great boost to moms self-esteem.

Mother lovingly looking at newborn baby girl

For your child.

When a child sees themself being held and loved by their mother it reinforces to them how important they are. This is an incredible boost to their self-esteem. The greater benefit may come many, many years in the future, when mom is no longer around. As much as we don’t like to think about that when we’ve just had our baby, there will be a time, hopefully, that our child outlives us and these pictures could be some of the only tangible reminders left of our love for them.

Mother holding newborn baby girl in studio newborn session

mom snuggling baby girl wearing white flower headband

black and white picture of mom cradling newborn son in white studio

If was is any question left in your mind whether or not mom should be in the picture with her newborn, I hope I have convinced you that she definitely should be!

This is one of the main reasons I curated a client closet. So that mom can come and put on a beautiful, comfortable dress and know she looks gorgeous for the photos. I make it as easy as possible for moms to be able to just show up and get in the picture. Bring your makeup, bring your hair tools and get ready in the studio, if you like!

Even if a mom just does not feel like being in the pictures, we can include baby in her arms or with her hands holding them. Something as little as this can make a big impact later.

Not sure what to wear for an outdoor session? Here are some good examples: Pinterest. For a studio session, go here to see my best suggestions for what to wear.

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