The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

Sounds elusive, doesn’t it? What do you give the person who has everything?

If you’re like me, you ask yourself this every. year.

Well, this year I’ve got you covered! Go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief. 🙂

What could be this good, you ask?

It’s actually not just a gift for your mother. It’s a gift to you and the entire family, actually.

Give your mother her life story.

I know, you are feeling overwhelmed just at the thought of recording someone’s life story. Am I right? I mean, a lifetime is a lot of days to write about. So many details, so many events to tell about. How do you do write a life story??

I know you are intimidated right now, because I felt the same way.

I have been feeling this pull to write down and video things about my mother’s life. She isn’t going to be around forever, and I need to do it NOW before my chance is lost. Forever.

After doing a lot of searching for how to do this and not let it consume my life (I still have 4 kids at home and a job, so…), I thought YOU might be feeling this same way!

Let me share what I found with you. Ways to record your mom’s life story and keep your life going at the same time.  (let’s not leave dad out! BAM! Just solved Father’s Day for you, too! You’re welcome.)

Perfect Mothers Day Gift, perfect fathers day gift

Maybe I should say the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift, AND the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Heck. Here’s another idea – WRITE YOUR OWN LIFE STORY WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!  What a gift that will be for your children and their children, and their children, etc. etc.

The secret is this: USE TEMPLATES.

Yes! It’s that easy! Use templates. And you don’t even have to go searching all over the place. Here are several templates for you. Some are free, and some are actual books you purchase and fill in the blanks.

The Book Of Myself. 201 questions to help you record your autobiography.

The Book Of Me.  An Autobiographical journal with questions to help you know what to write.

Memories For My Grandchild. The gift of your life story for your grandchildren.

My Life Story – So Far.  Just fill in the blanks and it’s done!

Here are the free templates:

Blank Life History Template, by

Life Story pdf by Just fill in blanks and add photos.

I really feel this is the greatest gift.

Sit with your mom and fill out these books with her. If she can still write, have her write in her own writing. I LOVE my mom’s handwriting! I want to remember it when she’s gone.

I hope this helps you in your quest for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift, and may it be a treasure to you and your posterity for many, many years!




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