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Apps for moms | Scottsdale newborn baby photographer


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I went on a hunt and found several apps that can make life so much easier for a new mom.

Here are some of my favorites:

Are you breastfeeding? It’s helpful when you are starting out to log your feedings. Keeping track of a pen and paper can be such a pain! Check out these apps that make it fun and simple to track your feedings-

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker (free);  Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding (4.99)

What about tracking diaper changes, sleep, medicines, stats, and more?

Awesome Baby Tracker (free), Sprout Baby (baby tracker)(free), Baby Tracker – Newborn Log (free)

Want to add some fun stickers to your baby photos and make a digital announcement?

Snapsprout (free), and Baby Pics – photo editor (2.99) have some CUTE options!!

How about a FUN timer to motivate your kids to brush teeth and do chores?

Children’s Countdown Timer is so fun! (free, but you can pay .99 to get rid of ads)

Awesome apps can make all the difference and turn a chore into something fun!

Let me know if one of these apps helps you or if you have another app that you love!

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