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Oh, Dennis. Have you ever wished you had the skin of a baby again? That baby soft, smooth, gorgeous skin? Well, I do all the time but especially after this little guy. It’s not every day I get such a dark skinned beauty in the studio! As a Mesa Newborn Photographer, I feel like the […]


Do you do anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day? Now, I don’t have a lot of Irish blood in me (although my DNA test results say I do have some!), but I love a good holiday as an excuse to do something fun with my family. We do the usual – wear green, pinch each […]

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It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to go with the same gifts you have given year after year. Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are great, but photo gifts can really touch the heart like nothing else. Here are my top five ideas for Valentine’s photo gifts: Photo books – My favorite places to print photo […]

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It’s December, and you are being pulled in a million different directions and running a hundred miles an hour. Am I right? Girl, I so get it. I am, too! In order to bring a little sanity back to my life and remind myself of what is really important I made a list of five […]


Thank you!!! 2017 was such a wonderful year for Sally Whetten Photography, and that is because of YOU, my friend!! Thank you for inviting me into your life and for you kindness and friendship. I love watching you parent and interact with your families. You are a blessing to me! And I have a feeling […]


Oh, boy. It’s pumpkin season!! I don’t know if you like pumpkin, and fall spices, and all the yummy fall foods, but I sure do! Here are three of my favorite recipes for this season. Why don’t I eat these all year?? I ask myself this every November. And every time I tell myself I […]


East Mesa Fresh 48 Photographer Sally Whetten Photography welcomes  baby Haven! As you can see, Haven is VERY well loved by her new family! They couldn’t wait to meet her and are completely smitten by her.   This sweet little gal just wanted to nurse and be attached to mama for most of the day. […]

Fresh 48

Hey there, mamas! Did you read the first post in our Breastfeeding 101 series? Here’s the link if you missed it: breastfeeding post #1. In the last post we talked about preparing to breastfeed BEFORE you have your baby is born. This post will address when and how to start breastfeeding. 1. When do I breastfeed […]


As a Scottsdale AZ baby photographer, it seems like babies come in waves. They are born in waves – there will be a bunch of boys, then a group of girls. They come to the studio for newborn photos in waves – I will have a quiet week or two, and then boom! Babies everyday. […]


  Hey there, mama! Are you breastfeeding your baby currently, or are you expecting and thinking you want to breastfeed your baby? Then keep reading, because I have some great info for you! As an AZ maternity and newborn photographer, I get to talk to a lot of new and expecting mothers. The topic of feeding […]