Last minute Father’s Day Ideas


Father’s Day is tomorrow. Don’t have anything for dad yet? Don’t panic, you still have today. Here are a few favorite ideas we’ve used that you can do at the last minute and still have a happy daddy.

My favorite gift for the little ones to give dad are questionnaires. You can print one from the web or come up with your own. Add questions about Dad like, “How old is Dad?”, “What’s Dad’s favorite place to go?”, “What does dad do at work?”.  Their answers are so funny because they hold back nothing and say whatever pops into their minds. It’s so fun to see what they say! This happens to be my favorite Mother’s Day gift, too.

Coupons are great from any age, even from Mom. I saw the cutest Father’s Day coupon book at Barnes and Noble last week, but you can print some off the internet or make your own. Better yet, have the kids make them.  They know the stuff Dad likes- an hour of playing quietly so he can read or watch a show peacefully, a foot or back rub, no fighting for one afternoon, his favorite treat, etc. A quick search of Pinterest and you can find no end of ideas.

At my house a good book is always a hit, since my husband is an avid reader. If your man likes ebooks, you don’t even have to leave the house! Just buy one online and have it emailed right to him. A movie is also a good option if there is a new one out that he really wants. Or get movie ticket gift cards so you can have a date night. Even better!

And, since this IS a photography website, I have to add what I think Dad would like the MOST. You guessed it-some updated photos of his favorite gang. And as much as new pics of the kids would be great, some lovely photos of his sweetheart would blow a new tie or soap-on-a-rope out of the water!!! (thank you one-hour photo!) A sweet little homemade album, custom digital photo app, or even a nice framed print for his nightstand or desk are some suggestions for an awesome photo gift. One of my husband’s all time favorite Father’s Day gifts was a homemade accordion album I made him several years ago with pictures of me in it with a little narrative about how much I love him. I think he still has it!

Take some pictures of the kids holding signs up that say what they like most about dad, and put them in a homemade book or little store bought album.

If all else fails, a gift card to his favorite store and his favorite dinner should do the trick!

What are your ideas for a great last minute Father’s Day gift? Comment below! 🙂arizona photographer, father's day, last minute father's day ideas


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