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Happy LOVE month!!

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In honor of this month being February, the month of love, I decided to base all my blog posts for this month on the theme of Love.

I had this thought yesterday as I was sitting in church.

Do you ever watch people? I am a people watcher. And listener. Sometimes I feel like I am the weak part of a conversation because unless it’s the right subject or a topic I feel knowledgeable about I tend to stay on the quiet side. That’s because I love to listen.

And I also love people. It’s so fascinating that there are so many people on this planet, but somehow EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is SOOOOOOO different! Isn’t that amazing to think about?

Anyway, as I was looking around at church yesterday (I was still listening, I promise!) I was feeling the love for the people in my congregation.

The young couple that just started coming to church with their little family. They have had a really rough time in their short years but want to turn a new leaf now that they have a little one. They have to leave a whole life behind, but are willing to try starting over.

Our area has a lot of hispanic and a lot of white people, but not a lot of African Americans. There are only a few that attend our particular church, so the lovely African American single mom that has arms covered in tattoos and a pretty rough past–I just love her! She works for CPS and sees all the really hard cases. I’m glad someone does that job, but I couldn’t do it. She amazes me with her strength.

There are several families that take in foster children. They could have 2 kids one day and 10 the next. And they just welcome them in and love them all. No matter what those kids come from or go to at least they get a small taste of family life with adults that really want to make a difference in their lives while they have them and love them.

Especially the couple that takes in teenagers. OK, I love my teenagers and even though they are SUPER good kids it gets rough sometimes. The teens this family takes in have hard lives and I know it isn’t easy to take them in but they do. And they genuinely care and LOVE them!

And NONE of these people want to be in the spotlight. They don’t do what they do to get noticed, in fact they would rather not. I feel so blessed to be in the midst of these great individuals.

So there’s my first installment of LOVE posts. It’s not about the romantic sappy love this time. It’s the love that makes people do hard things so they can make the road easier for someone else.

The love that makes you wrap your arms around people you hardly know and share what you have. Especially share yourself, your values, your family, your love.

It’s going to be a good month.

And lest you think I can do a post without photos, remember I am a photographer, after all. 🙂  So here are a few of my favorite photos from last years Valentine’s minis for you to enjoy.

sally whetten photography, mesa newborn photographer, baby photographer in Arizona

sally whetten photography, mesa newborn photographer, baby photographer in Arizona

sally whetten photography, mesa newborn photographer, baby photographer in Arizona

Looking for a Mesa Newborn Photographer? I would love to serve you! Hit the contact button so we can chat. Happy Love month!!

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