Ideas for a romantic kind of love – Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you have a sweetheart I hope you get to do something romantic and lovely. My husband and I had our date night out last night because I like to do a fun family dinner on Valentine’s evening. We went to our favorite local sushi place-yum! Tomorrow I think we will have one of our top family favorites, Garlic Chicken Pasta. Oh. My. Goodness. It is SO good! That yummy pasta with a nice salad and delicious dessert and I will call it good.

Now down to why we are all here today. Romance. Love. Mushy gushy stuff. I thought in my writing about love this month I would include this post since it IS one type of love that at Valentine’s day I don’t want to leave out. As a couple we aren’t really fussy about Valentine’s day. Neither my husband nor I want to spend a bunch of money on it, or make it about gifts. For us it’s about cuddling and all that jazz. So I try to spice it up and make it a fun night for the two of us. One of my favorite sites for that kind of thing is the Dating Divas.  They have ALL kinds of really great ideas for creating a fun and romantic evening at home. I believe it is strengthening to a marriage to have these type of activities every now and then. You will have fun checking out all the great ideas at the Dating Divas site.

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Here is a short list of some things you can do and good articles to read not just for Valentine’s Day, but any time to add some romance and rev up your marriage:

Read The Essential Habit of Expressing Gratefulness at  This site has a lot of good info on how to strengthen a marriage.

We are that family blog has this article that I love called 100 Ways to Make Your Marriage Mediocre. Of course we don’t want a mediocre marriage! These tips are really thought provoking and I bet you can find a few ways to increase the strength of your family relationship.

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Stay at home Susie has a list of love text bombs that you can use. Who doesn’t love getting a lovey dovey text message randomly?!

This last idea is one that has really been a blessing to our marriage. It’s called the I Love My Husband book and the idea came from Home Grown Mom. A year or two ago I bought a leather journal just like the one in the article above from Barnes and Noble. Here’s what you do: you write a love note to your husband in the journal. Place it on his side of the bed, on his pillow, in his drawer, or wherever you want so that he will find it. Make your message as sweet or as racy as you desire. Then when he feels so inclined he can write a love note to you and leave the journal on your side of the bed or wherever so that YOU find it. Repeat. It ROCKS! We have loved this activity and my husband has repeatedly told me this was the best gift I ever gave him. And years down the road we will have this book to look through with all our love notes in it. What a treasure!!

I hope you have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and if you use one (or more) of these ideas leave a comment and let me know how it goes! 🙂

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