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I am SO excited to announce that SWP has a growing collection of BEAUTIFUL gowns for all maternity and new moms to use! This optional wardrobe for maternity and new moms will take some stress and expense off of your plate, mamas! Think of how great it is going to be on the day of […]

white lacy dress for maternity and newborn session

I went on a hunt and found several apps that can make life so much easier for a new mom. Here are some of my favorites: Are you breastfeeding? It’s helpful when you are starting out to log your feedings. Keeping track of a pen and paper can be such a pain! Check out these apps […]

list of top iphone apps for moms

Thank you!!! 2017 was such a wonderful year for Sally Whetten Photography, and that is because of YOU, my friend!! Thank you for inviting me into your life and for you kindness and friendship. I love watching you parent and interact with your families. You are a blessing to me! And I have a feeling […]

Oh, boy. It’s pumpkin season!! I don’t know if you like pumpkin, and fall spices, and all the yummy fall foods, but I sure do! Here are three of my favorite recipes for this season. Why don’t I eat these all year?? I ask myself this every November. And every time I tell myself I […]

As a Scottsdale AZ baby photographer, it seems like babies come in waves. They are born in waves – there will be a bunch of boys, then a group of girls. They come to the studio for newborn photos in waves – I will have a quiet week or two, and then boom! Babies everyday. […]

It can be really tough to find clothes you feel cute in. Like, really hard. Even harder to find stylish clothes that are super comfy and affordable at the same time! There is a new online clothing boutique that I tried out and am SUPER in love with! Whether you are a not a mom, pregnant mom, […]

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you have a sweetheart I hope you get to do something romantic and lovely. My husband and I had our date night out last night because I like to do a fun family dinner on Valentine’s evening. We went to our favorite local sushi place-yum! Tomorrow I think we […]

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving??? When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, we all certainly have traditions that make the holiday special. Traditional foods, maybe traditional decorations, traditional family gatherings, etc. But it’s also fun to try some new things to add a little spunk to the day. Here are three ideas that I came across […]

This cute girl and her mom came to me for senior pictures last year. I was prepared with the information that Aly hates having pictures taken, so the goal was to make the photo session as quick and painless as possible, haha! You would never guess she didn’t like having her picture taken by looking […]

OK, my hat goes off to moms of multiples. ALL moms are my heroes. But after working with these twins, and seeing how much work they are, I am super duper OK with all of my babies coming one at a time. This darling mother was so worn out. She was working on about 2 […]