2019 Motherhood Event


Mother’s Day is coming up and I want to pamper you!

I wish I could accomodate everyone for this event, but space is limited.

Make sure to RSVP now if you want to participate!

Motherhood is the most selfless and important job we can ever have.

The sleepless nights, the worries and the tears and sacrifices – but there also comes

the purest of love and joys with being a mother.

We chase after them, photographing so much of what they do – but rarely do we think to take the time

to hand the camera to someone and have them photograph a few pictures of your children

with YOU in them.

This is why I am looking so forward to my Motherhood Event this year.  It’s a time to show you just how

much you are loved and appreciated. I want to get you in front of my camera and

capture that love you have for your children and they for you (regardless of age!).

Event date is Saturday, March 30th from 9:30am-3pm.

These limited edition sessions are $250 and will include a 20 minute session

and 10 full resolution digital images.

This is not all that is included! To ensure maximum pampering, a full professional

make-up application is also included. And it get’s even better – each participant

will receive a special gift bag full of treats and sample products for you to take home!


The $250 is required to book your preferred session time.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations: Absolutely no refunds will be given, but you may transfer your session to another party.

What to Wear

I strongly recommend neutral clothing in creams, beiges, greys and soft pastels.

I do not recommend jeans for mothers or for children. This helps keep the attention on the people in the photos rather

than the clothing…and that’s what it’s all about, am I right?

Click Here To Register for the Motherhood Event

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