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IKEA displays and hacks

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It’s no secret in my family that I love IKEA. Don’t you just love wandering that big blue and yellow store and seeing what the designers do with such small spaces? My favorite thing is to walk through the little “homes” they have set up in the store.

While there is no doubt I have an affinity for the place, you do have to know what is good to buy at IKEA and what isn’t the best. Some of their products are great and hold up, but some of them tend to fall apart quickly and aren’t worth the money.

Some of my IKEA favorites are: picture frames, scrub brushes (super cheap!), curtains, decor items such as candle sticks, vases, and such, baskets, dishes, bedding and towels, and shelves. There are more things I would buy there, but those are my top favs.arizona photographer, ikea, phoenix photographer, mesa family photographer

Here is a link to give you ideas on how to use picture ledges, IKEA style.

This site has 16 chic IKEA hacks.

An article on Buzzfeed tells 37 ways to organize with IKEA

What do YOU love to buy at IKEA? If nothing else, go for the meatballs. 🙂


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