5 top tips for THRIVING during the holiday season


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It’s December, and you are being pulled in a million different directions and running a hundred miles an hour. Am I right?

Girl, I so get it. I am, too! In order to bring a little sanity back to my life and remind myself of what is really important I made a list of five things I could do to not just survive, but actually THRIVE during this busy time.  If this sounds like something you can use, read on!

  1. Get off social media. I know, it sounds harsh! But how much time are you spending on Facebook or Instagram that you could be putting to better use? I catch myself wasting time on a regular basis and I just can’t afford that right now! (or ever, really) I owe it to my family to “be there” and for me that means seriously limiting my time on social media. Use a timer or an app designed to limit your time for you.
  2. Have your family participate in an advent calendar that focuses on service or giving. We are doing the Light the World calendar, which you can find here. There is a super short video that my kids LOVE watching every day and then we have something good to focus on during the day.
  3. If you are going to be more un-plugged, you will need something fun to fill in some family time. Try setting up a puzzle that everyone can work on as they want to. It’s fun finding out who the puzzle sharks in the family are! (in our family it’s Grandma!)
  4. Make some treats, or a fun crafty gift and deliver it to your neighbors. Bonus if you add caroling to the delivery!! Some of my favorite gifts to give (and receive) are homemade salsaoreo truffles, or this homemade stovetop potpourri. I’ve also seen this cute way to give a roll of wrapping paper!
  5. Lastly, do NOT fill every minute of every day with plans and activities. Instead, schedule in some down time (and be generous; schedule plenty of it!).  Give yourself and everyone in the family time to breathe and just hang out alone or together. Stay home in your pj’s and watch a movie or read a book together. I know there are so many fun things to do this month, but I find when I am very selective and just choose the things that are the most important to me and my family and then plan for some time off, we appreciate everything more.

If you have any great ideas on how to thrive during the holidays, leave a comment! I would love to hear it. 🙂

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