August 3, 2017

Birth Photography

Many people don’t understand the desire to have a birth photographer.

They may think birth photography is just pictures of “down there”, if you know what I mean.  What I always like to point out as an AZ birth photographer is that birth photography isn’t just taking pictures of your baby coming out of your body. It’s capturing the room that you labor in. It’s preserving the memory of who is there with you, supporting you in your hours of labor and delivery.  It’s capturing the moment when your life and family is forever changed by the addition of a new little baby.

Emotions are high, and though you may think you will remember the events and feelings of this day, the truth is you probably won’t.

Just like your wedding day, when you hire a professional to record everything that goes on, this is a day of equal importance. You will not regret hiring a birth photographer to capture these memories for you to cherish for a lifetime!